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Our Philosophy

LGND is put together with the intention to feed your brain.

We want to power performance to help you succeed so LGND uses nootropics known to promote memory, learning and attention as well as overall energy levels.

Health is the basis for all action and we know health is one of the most important parts of performance, so we are using ingredients known to be neuroprotective and health promoting.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. LGND is created with the intention to give you a boost but also to help to make you stronger in a sustainable manner.

This is our philosophy and we are confident it will help you find your edge and sharpen it.

† All people have different needs and reactions so ask your doctor if LGND is right for you.

The functional beverage market is lacking a natural, healthy, modern and efficient alternative to popular energy drinks. That’s why LGND Inc. has set out to create one of the first natural energy drinks with a nootropic profile, lab-engineered to help boost your body and mind.

The idea behind LGND goes back to 2006 when our founder, Sebastian Westman, was studying engineering back in Sweden. Trying to stay focused and energized Seb consumed, as any other student, vast amounts of caffeine in various forms, finding himself in a constant rollercoaster between peaking and crashing. Seb and a close childhood friend of his started experimenting with healthier alternatives to energy drinks and coffee. The first concoction was an Acai based soft drink containing Guarana and green tea extract, which they called Pop Random. Fast forward 11 years to 2017.

Seb and LGND co-founder Chris were finally ready to bring a product that would address the issues that they had seen for such a long time.

As consumers of nootropic supplements, they made their own stacks of nootropics with the goal of enhancing focus, memory and brain health. Having felt the benefits first-hand, they decided that it was too good to keep for themselves, and that it was time to take nootropics mainstream. They partnered up with a team of food scientists who were able to translate their nootropic stack into a drink formula. After a few iterations they had formulated the perfect beverage to give the market the missing piece, a drink focused on sustainable performance, providing energy while supporting health and cognitive function.

LGND's vision is to be an alternative to the old sugary energy drinks, to be the new standard for what energy drinks should be by pioneering the use of natural cognitive enhancers.

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