LGND is put together with the intention to feed your brain.

We want to power performance to help you succeed so LGND uses nootropics known to promote memory, learning and attention as well as overall energy levels.

Health is the basis for all action and we know health is one of the most important parts of performance, so we are using ingredients known to be neuroprotective and health promoting.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. LGND is created with the intention to give you a boost but also to help to make you stronger in a sustainable manner.

This is our philosophy and we are confident it will help you find your edge and sharpen it.

† All people have different needs and reactions so ask your doctor if LGND is right for you.


Our Story

We are a team of friends with different backgrounds, united by the vision to change what people drink to improve health and wellbeing for everyone while promoting discovery and curiosity. 

If you could go back in time to the early 2000’s you would have been able to see Seb and one of his friends experimenting with super fruits and a soda streamer in their kitchen. They had trouble with the crash and burn effects of energy drinks and coffee. The fact that a suitable product didn't exist didn't bother them, just make your own, right? Seb continued to try different solutions over the years, but he was never quite satisfied. It wasn't until he started discussing it with Chris things started to take a different shape.

Having used nootropics for years to enhance his own performance, Chris suggested they study the effectiveness of nootropics as a drink. The result was a drink that has a positive impact on, not just performance, but also well-being. With just the two of them, and small investments from friends and family, they took the plunge and created LGND.

When Joakim and Joakim came in to the picture, they brought with them some practical knowledge and skills from other industries. They introduced the koncept of Kaizen (continuous improvement) “LGND means constant development, we started with a focus on nootropics but we’ve added prebiotic ingredients to boost gut health, we’ve reduced sugar content by over 60% and we promise that we won’t ever stop improving our drinks for performance and well-being”

LGND's vision is to be an alternative to the old sugary energy drinks, to be the new standard for what energy drinks should be by pioneering the use of natural cognitive enhancers.