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The functional beverage market is lacking a natural, healthy, modern and efficient alternative to popular energy drinks. That’s why LGND Inc. has set out to create one of the first natural energy drinks with a nootropic profile, lab-engineered to help boost your body and mind.

The idea behind LGND goes back to 2006 when our CEO, Sebastian Westman, was studying engineering back in Sweden. Trying to stay focused and energized Seb consumed, as any other student, vast amounts of caffeine in various forms, finding himself in a constant roller coast between peaking and crashing. Seb and a close childhood friend of his started experimenting with healthier alternatives to energy drinks and coffee. The first concoction was an Acai based soft drink containing Guarana and green tea extract, which they called Pop Random.

After a failed attempt to commercialize Pop Random the idea was put on ice.

In 2016 when Seb and LGND co-founder, Chris Pettersson, gained a genuine interest for neuroscience they stumbled upon an umbrella term called nootropics. While learning more about nootropic substances and the nootropic supplement market, they soon understood that the beverage market is lacking a strong brand representing a healthier energy drink with a nootropic profile. Seb and Chris formed LGND in 2017, and together with a beverage consultancy firm in California, they formulated the perfect alternative to common energy drinks and other functional beverages.

LGND’s vision is not to be an alternative to the old sugary energy drinks, but to be the new standard for what energy drinks should be by pioneering the use of natural cognitive enhancers.

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