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Nootropic Energy Drinks

Find your edge & sharpen it.

Engineered to improve cognitive abilities short and long term, smart just got a new flavor.


The right nootropics wake your brain up, removes the fog, and improve focus, memory and mood.


Your health and well-being is a priority, therefore we do not use any harmful substances in our products.

Energy Boosting

Our energy boosting products help you perform on a higher level, both mentally and physically.


We only use carefully selected, natural ingredients in our products.

LGND Original

LGND helps you find your edge and sharpen it. What does that mean exactly? It means LGND Original gives you a quick energy boost but without the usual crash-and-burn sugar rush. LGND Original powers you up and supplies you with long-term effects from the carefully selected, natural nootropic ingredients. In short – It wakes your brain and body up.

LGND packs the same energy boost you'd expect from a traditional energy drink, without the usual crash-and-burn sugar rush. Perform better, strengthen your executive functions and switch to LGND.


LGND Silk was developed for the more delicate taste palates. It has the same powerful formula as LGND Original and the wonderful grapefruit and ginger flavor but without the fierce burning kick of capsicum that LGND Original has.

The mental boost LGND provides makes it the ideal beverage for students, entrepreneurs, researchers, executives — and anyone else who needs to consistently perform at their peak.

Our Philosophy

LGND is put together with the intention to feed your brain.

We want to power performance to help you succeed so LGND uses nootropics known to promote memory, learning and attention as well as overall energy levels.

Health is the basis for all action and we know health is one of the most important parts of performance, so we are using ingredients known to be neuroprotective and health promoting.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. LGND is created with the intention to give you a boost but also to help to make you stronger in a sustainable manner.

This is our philosophy and we are confident it will help you find your edge and sharpen it.

† All people have different needs and reactions so ask your doctor if LGND is right for you.

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