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Joakim Stuart


After the MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management, Joakim set the aim high and started working for the automotive industry. They quickly saw his potential and diligence, and offered him positions overseas at different positions and tasks. He’s an expert and an achiever in whatever he undertakes and pursues. Ambitious yet humble, perfect match for his new role at LGND.

Seb AxWe

Founder & Ecommerce

Sebastian is an engineer who has traveled the world through his work in the yachting industry, and at one point was the owner/entrepreneur of an English school in Tokyo. Seb faces challenges head on and without flinching. He never loses sight of the end goal and is the visionary leader behind LGND’s charge to overthrow the energy drink industry.

Christoffer Pettersson

VP & Co-founder

Christoffer see the world through a highly advanced microscope. Observing and analysing every detail until flawlessness. Which is a great attribute indeed, especially for LGND. He has previously worked with several start-ups as an adviser and consultant, using his many academic achievements to push forward and explore new solutions.

Joakim Nissbrandt

Marketing Director

If there’s a fast track available, Joakim would take that and make sure LGND is in on the ride. He has a holistic approach and view of the world, and how it will ultimately affect both people and consumers. He went from a degree at Berghs Ad School straight to the agency world and for several years learned how to polish brands and make them interesting.

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