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Seb AxWe

Founder & CEO

After serving several years as an aspiring young engineer within the yachting industry Seb soon set sails for grander destinations. Seb founded LGND, INC. with his childhood friend Chris and is now the fearless leader running the company with an iron fist. When not coming up with impossible ideas for his team, Seb enjoys pondering about the possibility that we’re all living in a simulation.

Christoffer Pettersson

VP & Co-founder

With years of experience in consulting, sales, startups, and degrees in Business, Management and International Politics, he’s now working side-by-side with Seb to reconstruct the functional beverage market. Chris has a passion for single malt whisky, working out and life hacking as well as how to use data to connect dots and create a bigger picture.

Tobias Gustafsson

Creative Content Manager

Tobes has worked as a professional photographer involving both still frame and movies. Now he’s the visual eye for LGND, INC. pushing quality and creativity to the next level. Tobes enjoys a healthy lifestyle involving long walks in the park and the occasional spa weekend. Believe it or not, he’s a single man.

James Robertson King

Private Investor

James is a technical design engineering graduate and practicing mechanical engineer; James finds himself on a career path less ordinary, in keeping with his eclectic lifestyle, a super yacht engineer

Once you meet the developers of LGND, it's impossible to escape their thirst for success, true believers in their product they will sky rocket to a certain international fame and fortune, do or die.

Having worked closely alongside Sebastian previously, I can confirm his enigmatic enthusiasm and absolute belief in the future of nootropic beverages he holds within his grasp, was inevitable. I could not help but follow him whole-heartedly along this journey.

And why wouldn't you? If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room. Find your edge.

— James Robertson King

Christopher Parr

Private Investor

When he’s not on the high seas Chris is found deep in the Pyrenees climbing some ancient limestone overhangs, or bombing down a couloir on a snowboard, regardless of the location, the game was always to find his edge.

With the mind set of hunting for quality I did not need much convincing when I met Sebastian approached me to invest in LGND. I spent quite a bit of time with him on a personal level and saw a man who cared about every facet of the LGND products being created and embraced the unique opportunity to be part of something great.

— Christopher Parr

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